Busan Finance Center

부산국제금융진흥원 영문



Purpose of the Organization

We aim to contribute to promoting Busan as a financial hub and revitalizing the financial industry by developing and implement strategies for the growth of Busan into an international financial city and conducting mid-to-long term finance-related surveys and research.

  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Surveys & Research
  • Fostering & Promotion

Key Projects and Initiatives

The entity shall conduct each of the following in order to fulfill it's purpose

  • 01 Conduct research and set strategies for developing Busan as an international financial city and fostering the financial industry

  • 02 Develop and implement the mid-to-long term strategies for promoting Busan as a financial hub

  • 03 Develop and deploy strategies to attract financial institutions at home and abroad and international financial institutions.

  • 04 Provide finance-related training (for talent cultivation, etc.) and operate the industry, university, research and government networks

  • 05 Hold finance-related expos, seminars, forums and meetings

  • 06 Conduct research into financial policies and build financial database

  • 07 Identify and implement joint cooperation projects between the city of Busan and public financial institutions or between public financial institutions

  • 08 Provide support for building the financial system for North Korea (e.g. supporting public financial institutions’ North Korea aid programs, supporting education and training of North Korean finance officials, etc.)

  • 09 Improve business environment and living infrastructure in and around BIFC

  • 10 Other strategies and initiatives to foster the financial industry