Busan Finance Center

부산국제금융진흥원 영문


Strategy & Objective

BFC sets and implements strategies to develop Busan into an international financial city, by fostering Busan as the financial hub and promoting the financial industry.

The Busan Finance Center (BFC) was established as an incorporated association through concerted efforts of the city of Busan and seven local financial institutions and companies as founding sponsors. The main mission of BFC is to promote Busan as the financial hub and bolster the financial industry in Busan, by developing and implementing strategies to foster Busan into an international financial city and conducting mid-to-long term finance-related surveys and research.

To promote Busan as the financial hub, BFC works to promote relevant policies, attract financial institutions, create a financial ecosystem, conduct research and study into Busan’s development model as the financial hub, and facilitate internal and external cooperation.

A financial institution leading research and implementation to promote Busan as the financial hub

Busan Finance Center (BFC)
  • Promotion


    Promoting policies to develop Busan as the financial hub

    Introduction on Busan’s financial hub policy
    Progress since the designation of finance-specialized center
  • Attract


    Attracting financial institutions

    Internal & external IR campaigns
    Relocation & settlement in and around the BIFC
    Incentives and relevant laws
  • Research


    Surveying and researching finance industry

    Surveys and research projects for sustainable growth of Busan as financial hub

  • Cooperation


    Internal & External cooperation

    Cooperation with foreign financial cities
    Cooperation with founding sponsors
  • Ecosystem


    Building a financial ecosystem

    Hosting of international finance events
    Development of financial experts
    Promotion of FinTech companies