Busan Finance Center

부산국제금융진흥원 영문


Maritime Industry

Strategic industry Smart Ocean Industry

Hub of Smart Ocean Industry in Northeast Asia

  • Builds an eco-friendly smart ship R&BD platform
  • Incubates ‘Busan Mega Port’
  • Nurtures marine bio-industry
  • Incubates robot and drone industries
부산항 오후 풍경
1 Eco-friendly Smart Ship R&BD Platform
  • Builds an R&BD platform to establish a technology innovation hub for eco-friendly smart ships
  • Enhances design competitiveness for medium-sized ships
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2 Busan Mega Port
  • Incubates Busan Mega Port to establish a logistics platform hub in Northeast Asia
  • Builds a marine & port industry incubation hub
3 Marine Bio-industry
  • Constructs infrastructure needed to acquire marine biological resources for incubating a new growth engine for marine bio-industry
  • Incubates marine bio-startups
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4 ICT Marine Robot Convergence, IOT Marine City Management
  • Supports ICT marine robot convergence technologies
  • Enhances the competitiveness of businesses which use AI robots
  • Builds empirical clusters for IoT-based marine city management
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