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Busan Finance Center President’s Message

President’s Message

Greetings to all customers and visitors!
I am JongHwa Kim, President of the Busan Finance Center.

Welcome to the website of the Busan Finance Center (BFC).

The Busan Finance Center (BFC) is the financial institution established in July 2020 through cooperation between public and private sectors with an aim to promote Busan as the financial hub and act as the control tower to develop local financial industry.

There has been a lot of progress made since Munhyeon District of Busan Metropolitan City was designated as the financial center in January 2009, including construction of multiple financial infrastructures such as the Busan International Finance Center (BIFC) and creation of a cluster of 30 financial institutions in BIFC.

Building on these progresses, the city of Busan needs to enhance its competitiveness in business environment as well as in socioeconomic infrastructures, and strives to advance the local financial industry through collaboration between public and private sectors.

BFC will continue to develop and implement measures to promote Busan as the financial hub and bolster the local financial industry, while working together with various local economic players to pursue sustainable growth of the financial sector. These efforts will enable BFC to play a leading role in taking Busan to the next level and become the international financial center and maritime capital of Northeast Asia.

I hope this website provides useful resources for understanding and applying the policies and programs to promote Busan as the financial hub. All of our employees at BFC will commit to make BFC an institution trusted and beloved by customers. Thank you for your support and interest.

Thank you.

President of the Busan Finance Center 김종화