Busan Finance Center

부산국제금융진흥원 영문

Busan Finance Center President

President’s Message

Now that we have inaugurated a new era, Busan Finance Center is poised to formulate a strategic roadmap, looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the coming decade through innovative thinking and collaborative endeavors.

We are committed to fostering the active engagement of both domestic and international stakeholders, as well as financial experts. Our objective is to strengthen the financial network while bolstering research capabilities. Our primary focus lies in building the ecosystem of financial hub.

In line with this commitment, we are dedicated to enhancing the reputation of Busan International Financial Hub within the international financial community, elevating its standing and assuming a pivotal role in promoting the Republic of Korea as a leader in finance worldwide.

Busan Finance Center serves as the key driver in facilitating further growth of financial industry.

We extend our sincere gratitude for the support offered in this pursuit.

Myongho Rhee


Busan Finance Center