Busan Finance Center

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Financial Ecosystem

Holding International
Financial Events

Busan Global Finance Forum

The Busan Finance Center jointly holds the Busan Global Finance Forum every year with local economic newspaper Busan Financial News in an effort to develop strategies for growth of the city into a financial hub and build expert networks.

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Korea Ship Finance Forum

The Busan Finance Center jointly holds the Korea Ship Finance Forum every year with Marine Money, global maritime finance network, in order to discuss maritime financial market trends and major issues and to provide participants with an opportunity to network with experts.

Busan Money Show

The Busan Finance Center holds Busan Money Show every year, in which a large number of local financial institutions and other relevant institutions participate and provide information on finance, economy and asset management, with an aim to create an environment where Busan’s financial hub initiatives are facilitated.

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Talent Cultivation

Undergraduate Support Programs

The Busan Finance Center runs support programs for finance-related local university clubs with a view to creating a pool of highly qualified finance talent that serves as the basis for the financial hub.

Finance Courses for Citizens

The Busan Finance Center jointly offers BIFC financial courses for citizens with local public financial institutions and local banks to enhance citizens’ knowledge in finance and asset management through economic and financial education, thereby broadening the capital market base in Busan.

Fostering Fintech

U-Space BIFC

IFC Busan houses U-Space BIFC, a cluster of Fintech startups. In order to support these startups, the Busan Finance Center makes concerted efforts with other Fintech sponsors in Busan to provide customized consulting services and commercialization funds as well as other types of supports.