Busan Finance Center

부산국제금융진흥원 영문


Introduction to Financial Hub Policy

BIFC Development Status

Mixed-Use Development Project

BIFC 복합개발사업으로 구분, 1단계, 2단계, 3단계 정보제공
Category Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Land Size 24,856㎡ 12,276㎡ 10,292㎡
Usage Business facility, Commercial facility Offices, Studio apartments, Hotels, Concert hall, Commercial facility, etc. Business facility, Community Facility
Construction Size 197,169㎡
63 Stories above ground and 4 below
49 Stories · 38 Stories
above ground and 7 below
(2 buildings shaped of letter U)
147,000㎡ 45F
Business Period Apr. 2008 – Jun. 2014 Aug. 2015 – Oct. 2018 2020 – 2025 (Forecast)
Development Status Completion of moving in December, 2014 November 2018, Completion -

Individual Development Projects

  • Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC) (2 underground floors and 15 ground floors): Groundbreaking (Feb. 2009), Completion (May 2011)
  • Bank of Korea (BOK)’s Busan Headquarters (1 underground floor and 4 ground floors): Groundbreaking (Jan. 2011), Completion (June 2013)
  • BNK Busan Bank (3 underground floors and 33 ground floors): Groundbreaking (Dec. 2011), Completion (June 2014)

Land Use Planning Map

63-Story BIFC Building Floor Guide

  • 50-62F

    Korea Exchange

  • 55F

    IBK Changgong

  • 53F

    KAMCO Ship Investment Management, Qingdao International Trade Co., Ltd., FATF TREIN

  • 52F

    Busan Finance Center, Shinhan Bank, Busan International Banking Institute, Korea Financial Investment Association Busan Branch, Koscom Busan Center, The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, Asia-Pacific Maritime Arbitration Center

  • 40-47F, 3F

    Korea Asset Management Corporation

  • 36-39F, 5F

    Korea Securities Depository

  • 30-35F, 4F

    Korea Southern Power

  • 23-27F, 7F, 2F

    Korea Housing Finance Corporation

  • 20-22F

    Marine Finance Center

  • 20-21F

    Marine Finance Center -Export-Import Bank of Korea

  • 15-19F

    Korea Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation

  • 14F

    Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

  • 10-11F

    Korea Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation

  • 09F

    International Plant-quarantine Accreditation Board

  • 08F

    NongHyup Life Insurance

  • 06F

    Korea Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation

  • 02F

    NongHyup Bank, Woori Bank

  • 01F

    KB Kookmin Bank (BIFC Mall)

Six Strategies to Promote Busan as a Financial Hub


Busan, the Maritime Capital of Northeast Asia and the Pleasant City to Live


Directions for

Growing into a Financial Hub for the New Decade

  • Aligning with the goal of realizing maritime capital

  • Developing joint strategies with relocated public institutions

  • Developing finance development models tailored to Busan

  • Developing a common framework in sync with other large-scale projects



  • 1

    Developing Busan as the central city of finance in Northeast Asia by becoming a yuan trading hub

  • 2

    Creating a cluster of financial technology firms such as FinTech, etc.

  • 3

    Creating a maritime financial hub

  • 4

    Serving as a financial center for economic cooperation between South and North Koreas

  • 5

    Enhancing status as an international financial hub

  • 6

    Enhancing a financial ecosystem in collaboration with BIFC’s institutional tenants