Busan Finance Center

Busan Finance Center?

Special benefits offered by BIFC

  • Up to 100% tax exemption

    Up to 100% deducted for three years for financial institutions

    Corporate tax rate for financial institutions
    • KRW 2 billion or less10,943 institutions
    • KRW 5 billion or less19,797 institutions
    • KRW 10 billion or less31,897 institutions
    • KRW 20 billion or less62,389 institutions
  • From location to financial education!

    Special subsidies for settlement employment and financial education & training

    • Settlement
    • Employment
    • Education
  • Facility installation subsidy for all!

    Funds provided to install business facilities.

    Subsidies for
    installing business facilities

Our Business

Public-private partnered
Busan Finance Think-tankCorporation, BIFC

  • Laying foundation for developing financial hub and identifying projects
    • Commercializing financial hub promotion strategies and implementing joint projects with member agencies
    • Implementing and operating the BIFC online system
    • Studying financial market trends
  • Attracting global financial institutions
    • Establishing and operating governance to attract financial institutions
    • Holding domestic and international IR conferences to promote Busan Financial Hub
    • Promoting Busan Financial Hub through online and offline channels
    • Publishing Busan Financial Hub newsletters
  • Improving image as a financial city and incubating financial industry
    • Hosting financial forums and seminars
    • Cooperating with global financial cities
    • Incubating Busan's FinTech companies
  • Incubating finance experts
    • Developing intern programs to nurture finance specialists
    • Supporting the incubation of next-generation finance experts
    • Operating ""BIFC Finance Course for Citizens

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